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JITON has been involved in the field of gas hot water since 1984, there are over 30 years, the products have been exported to more than 20 countries, such as United States, Middle East and Europe, etc. Jiton has been always dedicated to the research and development of gas heating equipments with high efficiency, energy saving and environment-friendly, and has made outstanding contribution to the heating technology development in the world. Since 2010, in order to better meet the growing demand for energy conservation and environmental protection of Chinese market, JITON has built the domestic manufacturing base in China, introduced a full set of new production lines, and specialized in manufacturing premixed condensing hot water heating equipments. In the same year, in order to continuous open and develop Chinese market, Jiton has established the Chinese marketing headquarters and regional marketing centers. In 2013, the research and development center was set up and located in Wuxi, combining with the United States innovative safety and energy-saving technology and European rigorous manufacturing process, developing new series of products to suit Chinese domestic market demands. The design of products conforms to the AFUE, UL, AGA and EU CE standard. At present products include household series, light commercial series and commercial series, power covers 20KW ~ 2MW, which can meet different consumers demands.


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